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Will You Actually Save Money Living in a Tiny Home?

Before converting your portable building into a living space (tiny house) or building a tiny home from the ground up, it’s important to think about your cost of living expenses in a tiny house.

Many people are turning to tiny home living because it’s typically less expensive and much easier than having to maintain a large house or apartment. There are now even tiny house listing services to help you find tiny homes for sale and rent throughout the world.

In the last few years there has been an explosion of tiny homes in Oklahoma and tiny homes for sale in Arkansas.

The lower price tags attached to tiny homes compared to more traditional housing make tiny homes an attractive living option plus tiny homes are usually compact and can be mobile, so you can move your tiny home into almost any area.

Whether you’re considering a backyard she shed, tiny home or a man cave shed, planning now for the possible expenses you may encounter after your tiny home is set up could save you lots of frustration later.

Recently, the median existing home price in the United States was estimated at $295,300. Tiny home prices can vary, with the average cost of a tiny house estimated at $45,000.  At 59 Auto Sales and Service, we offer our customers options that make tiny home ownerships affordable on almost any budget.

Of course, the cost of a tiny home will depend on the add-ons and amenities you want to include. You can find tons of she shed ideas, ideas on creating a first-class man cave and examples of elaborate tiny homes that will cost a fortune compared to the more efficient and lower maintenance options that we have available.

For our purposes here, we’re going to bypass the optional and often expensive tiny home “bells and whistles” and instead focus on the essentials.


Tiny house plumbing and tiny home electrical wiring are two important features to consider when purchasing your tiny home.

You may be wondering, “how do tiny homes get electricity?”

For customers who purchase tiny homes from 59 Auto Sales we make the answer simple: we have the electrical system installed for you.

You may prefer restroom/shower accommodations that are separate from your tiny home. If you opt for a restroom/shower inside your tiny home, you will need a tiny house water system. For this, we recommend contacting a plumber who can work with you to determine the best plumbing setup for your particular tiny home layout.

Property taxes

Taxes on your tiny home will vary depending on where you live. Whether your state, city or county considers your tiny home real or personal property will impact the rate your tiny home will be taxed (or whether it will be taxed at all).

Knowing whether or not you will have to pay property taxes on portable buildings will help you get a better idea on how much you will have to pay for tiny home ownership.

For an informative and brilliantly well-written article on tiny home taxes click here.

Maintenance and upkeep

No matter what you are living in – a 3 bed/2 bath standard home, a tiny home, a palatial mansion, or a cardboard box – maintenance and upkeep are going to be part of the deal.

If you opt for a “DIY” tiny home that you build from the ground up, your maintenance and upkeep can become expensive (though likely not as expensive as with a standard, traditional home).

As an authorized dealer of Derksen Portable Buildings, we’re able to provide our customers with the peace of mind of Derksen’s 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Derksen warranties give our customers the peace of mind that if there are problems with their tiny home’s workmanship or materials the issue can be resolved quickly and at no cost to the customer.


In most instances, you will be able to save money by choosing to live in a tiny home. However there are options available that can make tiny home living just as expensive as living in a traditional home.

If you’re considering tiny home living, it’s important to look at all the possible costs. Remember, it’s important that you keep your living expenses within your budget. We’re here to help our customers make informed decisions!

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